• Extended School Year (ESY)

    Extended School Year, or ESY, is provided by the school district in accordance with Federal law IDEA. (300.106). Students found eligible for ESY must demonstrate a significant need for continued instruction on IEP goals due to significant regression and recoupment over breaks. That data is collected by the case manager throughout the year. Instruction provided at ESY is based on current IEP goals, not the teaching of new skills. Case managers or referring personnel need to indicate on the IEP exactly which goals qualified for ESY due to significant regression and limited recoupment. Thus, ESY is individually tailored to students and is a “student specific” set of services. 

    ESY occurs over 4 weeks in July (Mon-Thurs for the first 3 weeks, and Mon-Wed for the last week). Students attend ESY from 8:30am to 11:30am

    What is "regression" and "recoupment"?

    • "Regression" means that, after a school break, a student loses more skills that would be expected of most students.
    • "Recoupment" means that, after a school break, a student takes significantly longer to relearn skills than is expected of most students.

    Extended School Year Services are not:

    • Summer school (although ESY services may at times be provided in such a setting)
    • To provide extra educational services - ones that would not otherwise be put on the IEP
    • To increase the student's skill level from what it was at the end of the school year
    • To teach new or different skills
    • To provide families summer activities for their children
    • To assist families with child care needs
    • Services provided because it would be "good" or "nice" for the student


    ESY Procedural Manual

    ESY Procedural Manual Google

    ESY Application Portal

    ESY Application Form

    ESY Application is available in Synergy in the Ad Hocs Document tab

    ESY Data Form

    Regression/Recoupment Data Form Google 

    Notice of IEP Team Meeting

    Conducting an ESY findings meeting is an IEP meeting. A notice of team meeting must be filled out and sent to the family notifying them of the date and IEP team members to be involved

    ESY IEP Amendment Reference Guide

    Prior Notice of Special Education Action

    When a student is determined to need ESY, a prior notice of special education action must be completed to notify the parent(s) of this initiation of special education services. The following is a sample Prior Notice

    Sample Prior Written Notice- filled out sample from Ad Hoc Documents in Synergy SE


     Students attending ESY need to have a TD-7 filled out to get transportation services.  

           Click here for the TD-7 Google Form


  • ESY Contacts

    Lauraine Allen
    ESY Coordinator