• Extended School Year (ESY)

    2019 ESY runs July 8th through July 31st. 

    Specific Dates are July 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31.

    Times are 8:30am to 11:30am

    ESY services are provided during the summer for eligible special education students to help them maintain skills that are related to their Individual Education Plan goals and objectives. Regression and recoupment are factors used to determine if a student is eligible for ESY services. ESY services are not the same as summer school.

    What is "regression" and "recoupment"?

    • "Regression" means that, after a school break, a student loses more skills that would be expected of most students.
    • "Recoupment" means that, after a school break, a student takes significantly longer to relearn skills than is expected of most students.

    Extended School Year Services are not:

    • Summer school (although ESY services may at times be provided in such a setting)
    • To provide extra educational services - ones that would not otherwise be put on the IEP
    • To increase the student's skill level from what it was at the end of the school year
    • To teach new or different skills
    • To provide families summer activities for their children
    • To assist families with child care needs
    • Services provided because it would be "good" or "nice" for the student



    ESY Informational Documents

    ESY Packet Table of Contents

    Glossary of Terminology

    Extended School Year, recoupment, significant regression and limited recoupment capacity are defined in this glossary of terminology.

    General Information & Considerations

    The purpose of ESY is maintenance of a student’s previously learned skill on specific IEP objectives, not the teaching or the learning of new skills. This page describes the purpose of ESY, how ESY eligibility is determined and the role of the IEP Manager.

    Guidelines for determining Regression/Recoupment

    The decision of whether or not a student is eligible for ESY services is based on information from a variety of sources. Regression and recoupment are important factors that are used in the decision making process. The document describes how to determine regression and recoupment, what sources of data to use and what reasonable recoupment periods are.

    PPS District ESY Timeline & Calendar

    Throughout the school year there are steps to be taken for students who may qualify for ESY. For example, in September all students IEPs should be checked to see if their IEP indicates that ESY is to be considered. This timeline provides a checklist for each month of the school year.

    ESY Flow Chart

    This visual represents the steps to complete when the IEP team is deciding if a student demonstrates significant regression and recoupment on goals and objectives.


    ESY Required Forms

    • ESY Checklist 
    • ESY Data Form
    • ESY Addendum
    • ESY Materials and Equipment (if necessary)
    • Transportation form /TD-7


    The required forms can be put together to make an ESY packet. Once completed please submit all forms in one packet to Jeremy Lo.

    If sending through the PONY:

    Special Education 

    Jeremy Lo/ESY


    If emailing:

    Jeremy Lo jlo@pps.net

    ESY Checklist

    When determining if a student meets criteria for ESY it can be helpful to follow this checklist for the necessary components. For example, an ESY meeting must occur prior to May 1st, data must be collected and the Addendum must be completed. This checklist helps ensure that all of the necessary components are completed.

    ESY Checklist

    ESY Checklist - Google Doc


    ESY Data Form

    Specific data is required whenever ESY is under consideration. Obtain and report data for each annual goal for which severe regression and severe recoupment is suspected. 

    ESY Data FormESY Data Form

    ESY Data Form - Google Doc


    ESY Addendum

    The ESY Addendum provides a way to summarize a student’s regression and recoupment data. Specifically, it cross checks goal areas and asks if a student had significant regression and recoupment in those areas.

    ESY Addendum

    ESY Addendum - Google Docs


    ESY Materials

    When students qualify for ESY services, a teacher must send appropriate materials to ESY with them. In order to ensure that all materials are returned to the teacher after the completion of ESY, the teacher’s name and school should be on the materials, as well as the completion of this form to track the materials sent. For example, a student might require a visual schedule, communication book or specific curriculum to work on goals during ESY that they had demonstrated regression and recoupment concerns

    ESY Materials Form

    ESY Materials Form - Google Doc

    Notice of IEP Team Meeting

    Conducting an ESY findings meeting is an IEP meeting. A notice of team meeting must be filled out and sent to the family notifying them of the date and IEP team members to be involved

    ESY IEP Amendment Reference Guide

    Prior Notice of Special Education Action

    When a student is determined to need ESY, a prior notice of special education action must be completed to notify the parent(s) of this initiation of special education services. The following is a sample Prior Notice

     Sample Prior Written Notice- filled out sample from Ad Hoc Documents in Synergy SE



     Students attending ESY need to have a TD-7 filled out to get transportation services. 

    Click here for the TD-7 form