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  • Home Instruction

    Students who qualify for special education services, 504 plans, ELL, TAG or are in the process of an evaluation may qualify for instruction due to medical needs, Day 11 Services or following expulsion. Fill out the following application to be submitted for Home Instruction to begin.


    Home Instruction Application


    Home Instruction Application (Word)
    Home Instruction Application (PDF)


    Home Instruction Process


    This document outlines the process of qualifying a student for home instruction based on their qualifying reason (e.g. medical, Day 11 Services or post-expulsion.), as well as the responsibilities of the sending school.

                  Home Instruction Process



    Enrollment Information for Sending School

              Please see the Enrollment Handbook. It can be found by clicking here, scroll down under “Enrollment forms.”

              It’s also available from inside Synergy, if you click on Support > Office Support > Enrollment > Manuals.