• Transition Planning

    Preparing Students for a Transition to a New Class, New Program, or a New School

    As students prepare for an upcoming transition there are many ways that we can support them. These supports can include providing information to the new teacher about the student, as well as providing supportive information to the student prior to the transition. The following will include the information necessary for a student's transition and additional supports for students.

    Information for OrSped

    Transition Summary Page

    The Transition Summary Page provides an overview of information about the student transitioning to a new program, including their address, emergency contacts, areas on SDI on the IEP and reference to important transition information like the BSP, medical issues and transportation.


    Transition Summary Sheet form - fillable Writeable PDF


    If the team has completed an FBA/BSP or a Function Based Thinking Worksheet, include this information for the next team. Include any information about relevant strategies that have been effective or ineffective.

    Communication System Checklist

    For any student with significant communication needs, this checklist will provide a quick reference to the incoming team about the students functional communication, include what type of high or low tech and the student's levels of independence.



    Transportation Form (TD-7)

    If the student has transportation as a listed related service on their IEP, include an updated transportation form indicating the change in school.




    Additional Information that May Support the Transition


    Transition Book

    This comprehensive transition book is an editable pdf that can by typed into, saved, and uploaded into OrSped for the incoming team. It provides tips and tricks, levels of independence, behavior support and extensive information for the new team to prepare for supporting a successful transition.


    Writeable PDF

    Transition Narrative of New Program

    Transition narratives are available for many schools and focus programs on PPS connect. The narrative was created with pictures of school structures, such as the cafeteria, hallway, lockers and pictures of staff. Staff have likely changed some in buildings, so please edit as needed. Transition narratives are located on PPS Connect (inside PPS --> Connect --> login --> Departments --> Special Education --> Autism --> Transition Narratives).

    Files of Interventions and Strategies

    Consider including any files that you have created for your student that have supported them in accessing their education. Provide pdfs, boardmaker, or word doc files for the incoming team to prepare for a successful transition.

    Diploma Options

    The following document outlines Diploma options (e.g. Standard, Oregon Standard, GED, Modified, Extended, Individualized Education Certificate or Certificate of Participation). The document walks through each diploma option by the students who are eligible for it, the credits required, the assessments/ essential skills required, the personal learning requirements, as well as the options to apply for federal aid, possible post high school options and services upon school ending.

                  Diploma Options Outline

    Also see the Diploma Options webpage (Special Education --> Resources --> Diploma Options).