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    PPS Special Education Procedures

    The PPS Special Education Procedures Manual and Resource Guide

    This guide is designed as a reference for special education and other school staff to ensure that staff provide consistent and equitable access to special education services and that parents receive appropriate procedural safeguards. This manual reflects current state and federal law and district policy. This Manual replaces the 2008 Special Education Policies and Procedures notebook.

    Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) Manual

    PSW Manual

    This manual, drafted in collaboration by PPS and Eugene 4J School District, provides a guide on the eligibility for Specific Learning Disability, as well as information about direct observations, and patterns of strengths and weaknesses.

    Child Find Hypothesis Statement Manual

    Child Find Hypothesis Statement Manual

    The process offered in this manual will support teams in ruling out environmental, linguistic, cultural, or contextual factors as the primary reason for developmental, academic, or social emotional concerns as well as determining whether or not a disability should be suspected based on disability indicators and special education eligibility criteria.

    Para Educator Manual

    Para Educator Manual

    This manual is intended to be an orientation to critical components of the role as a paraeducator.  It will help paraeducator’s know the job expectations for teaming, safety, discipline, toileting and more.  Thank you for supporting our students and creating a strong PPS community!

    Communication Behavior Classroom Manual

    CB Classroom Manual

    This manual supports the structure and learning of students in a Communication Behavior classroom.