• Newsletters

    March 2015

    Transfer of rights
    Transition assessments and post-secondary goals
    Progress Monitoring for SLD students
    Whether a student may have an IEP and a 504 plan
    Assessing and serving private school students
    Accommodations and modifications – a comparison

    January 2015

    Special Education Procedures Manual Updated
    BSC/SIT team Refresher
    State Assessment Updates: Smarter Balanced & ELPA
    Section 504 Evaluation Guidelines

    April 2014

    12 Tips for Facilitating an Effective IEP Meeting
    Surrogate Parents: A Crash Course
    Q & A: Annual IEP meetings – what to do when both scheduling options are problematic
    Tips for IEP meetings with Parents in Conflict (with each other)
    Bits and Pieces: Modified diplomas and federal financial aid; new PPS special education website; ELPA and parent-district agreement
    Comparison of Parent Rights: Gen ed, special ed and 504 students

    March 2014

    Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plans - updated Q&A, new website; Procedural Compliance - March prize winners; Last chance Nuts and Bolts - April 23; Back page comparison - Exclusionary discipline

    February 2014

    English Language Learners with Disabilities; ELPA accommodations; IEP Service Summary Page; Comparison Chart: Specially Designed Instruction, Accommodations, Modifications

    January 2014

    A few reminders for the new year; PSW manual posted; Forest Grove due process hearing – lessons learned; 504 and IEP? Gender-specific bus driver requests; verify primary disability; comparison chart – IEP, service plan, 504 plan

    December 2013

    Transition reminders; procedures for move-in students; email etiquette; consent for evaluation – get it in writing! Evaluation timelines & evaluation FAQ

    November 2013

    Most common procedural errors; Tool for calculating extent of removal; IRT; Progress Monitoring & SLD Eligibility