Bond Report: Transforming our schools

Transforming Our Schools

  • A report to Portland voters on bond and levy spending

    Time and again, you have demonstrated your support for public education by approving levies and bonds that have allowed us to better serve our students and modernize our schools. This report details how we have spent the dollars you voted for, and how we are working to improve Portland Public Schools.

    Guadalupe Guerrero, Superintendent

    Portland Public Schools Board of Education:

    Rita Moore
    Board Chair

    Paul Anthony

    Amy Kohnstamm

    Scott Bailey

    Julie Esparza Brown
    Vice Chair

    Julia Brim-Edwards

    Mike Rosen

    Nick Paesler

  • Accountable to Voters

    Portland Public Schools values and operates under the highest standards of financial processes, public transparency and accountability. Our levy and bond programs are subject to review by:

    • Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    • Citizens Budget Review Committee
    • Bond Accountability Committee
    • PPS Board Audit Committee
    • PPS Performance Audit