• Portland Intercollegiate League College-Bound Student-Athletes

    Portland Intercollegiate Athletics is committed to excellence in education and athletics in order to help our student-athletes prepare for life after high school, which for some will include playing a sport in college and possibly earning an athletic scholarship.

    The athletic recruiting, eligibility and college admissions process can be very stressful for student-athletes and parents. Student-athletes often have to start proactively engaging in the recruiting process much earlier than normal college-bound students because of the aggressive nature of the college recruiting process.

    This website provides student-athletes a guide for each year of high school so they can plan and prepare academically and athletically for the college recruiting process starting in the freshman year. As you read through the information, keep your primary sport and season in mind so you can personalize this guide for your needs.


    Wendell Raiford, 

    Email: Wraiford.pps.net