• Professional Learning and Leadership
    Charting a New Course for Leadership, Scholarship, and Agency

  • Department Vision:

    Our department seeks to cultivate multiple pathways for leaders and educators to expand their career opportunities. We want every PPS employee to want to spend their entire career in PPS - and have multiple, supported possibilities for doing so.

    Development and advancement can occur horizontally or vertically within the district - educators can move “up” or “sideways” to a variety of roles depending on their interest and skills. No matter how educators move through what we call the “Career Lattice,” our department seeks to grow educators across the system who embody PPS’s Educator Essentials  -- educators who are caring, empathetic, relational, future-focused problem solvers and who demonstrate effective collaboration, anti-racist practice, and courageous leadership.

    Ultimately, we strive to lead shifts that turn PPS into a premier learning organization. We envision our system supporting every single employee and team to learn and grow in the significant ways we need to in order to support our district’s vision and graduate portrait.

  • Department Programs

    To build out our Career Lattice, PLL supports multiple programs across the continuum of educators’ careers, as shown below. Within each stage of career development, we have or are building programs that support both teachers and leaders to grow. Ultimately, we aim to have programs for all job types across PPS. Click on the cards below to learn more about our programs.



Senior Director
Dr. Lisa Blount
Assistant Director, Teacher Development
Mary Patterson
Assistant Director, Special Projects
Emily Donaldson Walsh
Program Manager
Giselle Naranjo-Nelson
Project Manager
Shant'e Hayes
Administrative Assistant
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