• Lewis Elementary School is now safer and drier better thanks to the PPS School Building Improvement Bond. Work included: Removing the old roof materials and installing roof-level seismic upgrades. Installing plywood sheathing, new insulation, membrane roofing, vents and mechanical hoods.

    Lewis is one of five schools that were successfully upgraded this summer. All the work was completed on time and on budget. Over the next 8 years, PPS will upgrade up to 63 schools. 
  • Lewis Bond Upgrades

    Bond Crew  
    • Removal of all existing roofing materials to the wood or concrete deck substrate.
    • New roofing consisting of insulation and roofing materials.
    • Roof level seismic strengthening and chimney height reduction.
  • Stay informed

    The construction work at Lewis was substantially completed before the start of school on September 4th. All the summer Bond work was completed on time and on budget.

  • Learn more about Lewis Elementary School at their web site.