• 67 student artists from PPS win top recognition, get pieces displayed

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    Gold key winners from PPS and other districts are on display at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. (Photo by Beth Conyers)

    Art pieces created by 67 students from Portland Public Schools are being displayed at the Pacific Northwest College of Art after they won gold key recognition in the Portland Metro Scholastic Art Awards.

    The competition, for students in grades 7-12 in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties, is facilitated by the Alliance for Young Writers and Artists. In all, 336 entrants from PPS were recognized with either gold or silver key, or honorable mention, awards

    The gold key winners are having their work displayed at the PNCA's Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design, at 511 NW Broadway, until Feb. 21. Visiting hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

    PPS artists placed in multiple categories, in everything from sculpture to digital art, with several earning gold key recognition in multiple categories. The awards reflect the commitment to arts in PPS and the impact of the Portland Arts Tax, which funds PPS arts teachers for kindergarten to fifth-grade students. Work is continuing on the development of a Master Arts Education Plan for PPS by the district’s Visual and Performing Arts team, and you can share your thoughts and ideas by taking the MAEP survey.

    The gold key winners advance to the national competition later this year. The PPS winners were:

    Benson High School: Elijah Donovan (mixed media), Kalynn Lam (digital art). Teacher – Joe Rozewski.

    da Vinci Middle School: Ethan Bates (sculpture), Aiden Bradfield (drawing & illustration), Eli Fenner (photography), Natasha Korbich (mixed media, sculpture), Benati Louvouezo (sculpture). Teacher – Kelda Van Patten.

    Grant High School: Emma Ficker (photography), Peyton Myers (photography), Isabella Stockwell (photography), Sasha Colon (drawing & illustration), Grace Emmite (drawing & illustration), Amanda Hunt (drawing & illustration), Sabine Kenney (drawing & illustration), Florence Oakley (photography), Macy Olivier (drawing & illustration), Vivian Rush (painting), Sophie Tenkhoff (photography), Arwen Thomas (photography), Edith Allen (painting, art portfolio), Henry Backus (drawing & illustration), Claire Chasse (art portfolio), Zoe De Blasis (photography), Marin Jurgens (art portfolio), Jade Mervar (photography), Ada Swartley (ceramics & glass), Kian Doughty (film & animation). Teachers – Paige Battle, Cristy McCarty, Melody Rockwell, Jamin London Tinsel.

    Jackson Middle School: Sula Dunwoody (mixed media). Teacher – Jessica Hickey.

    Jefferson High School: Anneka Root (photography), Aries Brock (drawing & illustration), Samuel Densmore (mixed media), Uma Pacioretty (painting), Megan Moore (photography). Teacher – Amy Hargrave.

    Lincoln High School: Addison Ferriday (photography), Emma Howard (photography, digital art), Emily Prince (photography), Tasneem Sarkez (art portfolio, mixed media, painting), Chloe Romo (photography), Madeleine Moreland (sculpture), Chloe Berton (drawing & illustration), Jinjin Zhang (painting, drawing & illustration), Emma Brauser (photography), Emma Howard (printmaking, digital art), Isabella Ruppelt (printmaking). Teachers – Nancy Abens, Coren Rau, Lily Windle.

    Mt. Tabor Middle School: Hillary Kuhns (drawing & illustration). Teacher – Molly Renauer.

    Roosevelt High School: Quinn Humphreys (drawing & illustration), Dylan Powell (drawing & illustration). Teacher – Kellie May.

    West Sylvan Middle School: Biancastella Bleiler (printmaking), Daria Borcea (painting), Rose Kwiecien-Roick (mixed media), Paula MacMillan (mixed media), Isménie Weil (mixed media). Teacher – Anne Larsen.

    Wilson High School: Isaac Soto (art portfolio), Claire Catalan (photography), Adam Dowling (photography), Makenzie Lee (digital art), Ari Lohr (photography), Zola Lungerhausen (photography), Virginia Boutwell (painting), Georgia Feld-Denae (drawing & illustration, digital art), Lucy Grimm (painting), Lucy Quinn (drawing & illustration), Kylie Robinson (painting), Ezra Scriven (painting), Isaac Soto (art portfolio, drawing & illustration), Cassidy Stevenson (drawing & illustration), Owen Van Horn (digital art). Teachers – Andrew Butterfield, Matt Carlson, Marie Pearson.