• Learning During Quarantine or Isolation

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    Dear PPS families,

    As students need to quarantine and/or isolate due to a potential COVID-19 exposure, we want to provide you and your student with clarity on the guidance and the resources we are making available to teachers, schools and your family so that your student can continue learning from home if it is required.

    We continue to be grateful for our PPS educators who show up in service to every student and appreciate their flexibility as we navigate these challenging times. While we continue to be in conversation with the Portland Association of Teachers on details, we hope that the following resources and guidance that we’ve provided schools will support your student’s learning during the time away from their physical classroom.

    Learning Resource Page for K-8 Students
    We have created PPS.net/AtHomeLearning, a resource page designed to provide PPS K-8 teachers an easy set of age-appropriate learning activities and content to offer your student(s) if they are required to be at home. High school students will receive classroom specific learning materials by their teachers through the Canvas Platform. 

    Guidance to Teachers
    We’ve guided teachers to choose from these three options, based on feasibility and ease to serve their student’s learning:

    1. Provide or adapt the lessons on our resource page to students who are in quarantine and/or isolation as required assignments.  
    2. Provide classroom specific learning materials and support through the Seesaw and Canvas platform, which students can access at net/student
    3. Create virtual access (through Google Meet or Zoom) for students to participate at the same time as their peers and teacher in the physical classroom.

    If you are required to isolate and/or quarantine, your teacher will provide you with more information on the best option that works for the classroom, including required lessons. 

    Attendance for Students in Quarantine/Isolation
    If your student is asked to quarantine and/or isolate due to a potential COVID-19 exposure, your student will be marked as having been excluded from school due to a health reason. To be marked present, your student will need to complete their assigned lessons for the day. 

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to evolve and build capacity in service of our students and their educators.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Shawn Bird
    Deputy Superintendent, Instruction and School Communities