• PPS Board of Education Will Consider Making Nov. 12 an Educator Professional Development Day, with No Classes for Students

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    (Photos by Beth Conyers)

    The PPS Board of Education, at its meeting on Tuesday, October 26, will consider making Friday, November 12 into a professional development day for teachers, with no classes for students. Because November 11 is a federal holiday, Veterans Day, students would have a four-day weekend. 

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, PPS delayed professional development and learning for educators who were focused on implementing health and safety measures. If approved, Nov. 12 will allow educators to collaborate and build deeper understanding of new curriculum adoptions (i.e. math, science and literacy), strengthen their teaching skills (i.e. culturally-sustaining teaching, equitable grading) and get the latest on the health and safety measures in schools.

    “With the demands brought on by this pandemic to start the school year, our educators haven’t had opportunities to learn and grow together, which we believe better serves our students,” said Dr. Cheryl Proctor, PPS Chief Academic Officer. “Our educators need time to build deep connections with our new curriculum, including building the key instructional practices that will enhance teaching and learning in every PPS classroom.”

    Under state rules, the PPS Board is authorized to include up to 30 hours of professional development time annually as required instructional time. The Board will consider and vote on the matter Tuesday. If you would like to offer comment, please email PublicComment@pps.net or call the Board Office at 503-916-3741. A live-stream of the meeting will be available on the PPS YouTube page