Related Lesson Plans

  1. Safety In Schools: The Debate Over Guns & The Second Amendment: Newsela has assembled a complete Text Set (8 lesson plans) that includes articles that will help students inform themselves about the gun policy issues dominating today's headlines. They will also practice key skills such as evaluating arguments and determining the strength of evidence. (Support to access Newsela,PPS Teachers)
  2. Listen Up! PSA for Change: Utilize this lesson from Teaching Tolerance to offer students the opportunity to produce digital media to raise awareness and encourage change.
  3. After School Shooting, Students Take the Lead: In this activity provided by Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, students will hear the voices of the Parkland students, and consider the variety of ways they are trying to make change.
  4. Do Something: Help your students showcase their commitment towards civic action and competency through Teaching Tolerance’s variety of performance tasks.