Related Lesson Plans

  1. Collage of Concerns: This multi-day lesson from Teaching Tolerance offers a week long artwork combining various images to convey diversity or social justice issues, concerns or themes related to the central text.
  2. Persuasive Letters: Either as a class, individuals or in small groups write letters to local legislatures to call for action and change
  3. Students Making Their Voices Heard: Through this text set lesson from Newsela, students learn about ways their peers engage in civic action while supporting their own voices by writing letters to the editor expressing their opinion or making an argument.  (Support to access Newsela,PPS Teachers)
  4. Community Bulletin Board: Working together, students showcase artwork and nonfiction writing that can inform others about the importance of civic action. With students in 2nd grade and above share some of the Newsela text set at the appropriate grade and reading level.