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    October 10, 2018

    Dear PPS High School Students,

    Local and national events have led to an increase in awareness and reporting of sexual harassment, discrimination, sexual violence, sexual assault, and teen dating violence. While we decry that these events happen at all, we want to be sure you know that if you experience or are aware of sexual violence or discrimination that we want you to report these concerns to our schools so that we can help ensure your safety and well-being.

    If you are concerned about or experience sexual violence or discrimination, we, of course, encourage you to seek the support of your family. We also encourage you to talk to a trusted adult in your school, which could be a counselor, teacher, administrator, or other staff member. I am the District’s Title IX Coordinator, and I also am a resource for you. When we know of these concerns, you have our commitment that we will support you and do all we can to ensure your safety and security. You should know that any reports made on behalf of you or someone else that are made in good faith will not be the basis for any punishment or retaliation. We want you to come forward and have the support you need and deserve.

    My contact information and those of other resources are:

    * District Title IX Coordinator (call 503-916-3340 or email titleix@pps.net)

    * SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Center) at 503-640-5311

    * Safe Oregon call or text 844-472-3367 or email tip@safeoregon.com

    When reporting, we will ask you to provide as much information as possible so we can fully support you and make the school environment safe.

    In light of some recently reported events, you also might ask what else we are doing as a District to be prepared to address these kinds of reports. In August, we delivered enhanced training for all of our school building leaders. After that training, each school identified a leader to serve as a School Compliance Officer. Each of those SCOs is undergoing in-depth training on enhanced procedures to address concerns about sexual violence or discrimination modeled after national best practices. We are also further developing our curriculum to ensure students know both what is appropriate and how to report these serious incidents. Our PPS School Board has recently adopted a Teen Dating Violence policy to complement the existing Anti-Harassment policy to address sexual violence and discrimination, which can be found here: * 4.30.070-P Teen Dating Violence/Domestic Violence * 4.30.060-P Anti-Harassment

    In our schools, each and every one of you should expect to learn and socialize in an environment that is free from sexual violence or discrimination. Please report any incidents that you experience or are aware of so that we can support you and make our school environments what we all expect them to be—safe and supportive every day.

    Thank you,

    Elisa Schorr

    High School Programs Director
    Interim Title IX Coordinator