• From the Superintendent 

    Dear PPS families:

    The information from the Oregon Department of Education will give you a sense of how students in our school district are performing overall as well as how students in your child’s school are doing.

    Many of our students are doing well, achievement has improved and the gap between white students and students of color has narrowed in some key areas. Yet in all areas, more improvement is needed and remains the central focus of the principal and teachers at your school as well as of the district as a whole.

    This data helps focus your attention and ours in the areas where students need our energy most. Working together, we can ensure that your child is prepared to succeed. Thank you for the incredible work you do as a parent to ensure the success of your child, and for your continuing support of Portland Public Schools.


    Accessing Report Cards

    The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) issues annual report cards for every school and school district. The report cards offer families and the community valuable information about student attendance and achievement and teacher experience, among other things.

    In the past, ODE required school districts to mail hard copies of the report cards to all families. New rules passed in 2011 offer PPS and other districts more flexibility.

    To view report cards online, visit the ODE report card webpage, and select Portland SD 1J from the District Selection menu. Report cards for individual schools can be found by scrolling down the page. For questions about information contained in the state report cards, visit ODE's Report Card FAQ page.

    Hard copies of school and district report cards are also available at school offices.