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    Community Agents (CAs) are bridgers of communication and builders of relationships. We are available to facilitate collaboration between school staff and multilingual families, and to support engagement efforts through brokering a meaningful cultural exchange. Our goal is to inspire the Graduate Portrait in every student and help parents/guardians be effective partners in their student’s education.

    We are pleased to announce that we have three dynamic CAs who speak and serve our culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) families in Arabic, Spanish, and Russian.

    Community Agent Menu of Service for Schools

    Community Agent Menu of Service for Families: Español | العربية | Русский 



    Each of our Community Agents is committed to helping schools reach the following goals:


    • Increase the % of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) families serving in advisory committees, site councils, and other committees critical to decisions and school improvements efforts
    • Increase the % of CLD  families participating in school-based family workshops, trainings, and parent coffees
    • Increase the % of CLD families participating in family events at schools


    Our Community Agents may support your efforts to engage CLD families by:


    • Calling your families to inform them about upcoming school events
    • Helping your school plan for family sessions/meetings by consulting with school staff on developing culturally responsive opportunities, and advise on family engagement
    • Bridging parent communication at school events and/or parent focus meetings by providing limited interpretation for a school presenter
    • Providing facilitation at ESL developed parent trainings


    Other important services include:


    • calling families to inform them of upcoming school parent meetings
    • to assist with communication needs (i.e. attendance, student learning, student incidents; please note for IEP meetings please contact the Language Access Department) at school parent meetings
    • assist families completing school registration process once Welcome Ctrs have closed and with school/district related forms
    • respond to urgent matters that require timely communication with parents (i.e. safety & health incidents)


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    Language Access Services Department

    Language Access Services Department is  responsible for providing all school-wide language support services, and has a Multilingual Family Line available for families. Please contact LAS office at (503) 916-3254. 

    *Because Community Agents serve families across the entire district, we ask that you give them a minimum of 48 hours notice of any event or appointment to be made between families and school staff.


Community Agent Contacts


    Olga Filinova

    Nelson Perez

    Mirna Ghamrawi

    Please note: We are currently working to fill vacancies for Community Agent positions and will let building staff know as soon as their services are available.


    Should you have immediate need for assistance for any languages not listed, please contact Language Access Services via email at languageaccess@pps.net.