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    Community Agents (CAs) are bridgers of communication and builders of relationships. We are available to facilitate collaboration between school staff and multilingual families, and to support engagement efforts through brokering a meaningful cultural exchange. Our goal is to inspire the Graduate Portrait in every student and help parents/guardians be effective partners in their student’s education.

    CAs are crucial Educators' Essentials serving PPS' vision to realize Sytem Shifts in service of creating an equitable educational experience for all students. Through building rapport and applying cultural expertise, CAs are the trusted resource for many families and staff members.

    Who needs a Community Agent?

    • Classroom teachers working with students of diverse backgrounds
    • School counselors who support students of all abilities and needs
    • Principals and office staff when communicating with parents/guardians
    • School nurses who support multilingual students and families
    • Parents/guardians of PPS students seeking guidance to make an informed decision
    • District staff when planning outreach efforts to multilingual communites
    • Special Education teachers when providing supports to students and families


    What does a Community Agent do?

    • Act as a liaison between school staff and parents/guardians
    • Explain/clarify cultural nuances that enhance the experience of a family during their educational journey at PPS
    • Facilitate parent-teacher meetings and communication
    • Interpret/translate brief, direct communication from school regarding school events and initiatives
    • Advocate for families as they navigate the school system
    • Assist multilingual families fill out forms and understand district processes
    • Support the most vulnerable students and families with available resources from PPS and partner organizations
    • Place multiple calls to multilingual families during district and/or school-initiated outreach efforts

    Menu of Services

    Community Agent Menu of Service for Families: Español | العربية | Русский 

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    Language Access Services Department

    Language Access Services Department is  responsible for providing all school-wide language support services, and has a Multilingual Family Line available for families. Please contact LAS office at (503) 916-3254

    *Because Community Agents serve families across the entire district, we ask that you give them a minimum of 48 hours notice of any event or appointment to be made between families and school staff.


Community Agent Contacts


    Olga Filinova

    Nelson Perez

    Mirna Ghamrawi

    Please note: We are currently working to fill vacancies for Community Agent positions and will let building staff know as soon as their services are available.


    Should you have immediate need for assistance for any languages not listed, please contact Language Access Services via email at languageaccess@pps.net.