• Information For Students

    This page has been created with students in mind. Please check out our resources to support you in understanding dyslexia more and how you can advocate for exactly what you need so you can feel successful.


  • What is it like to have dyslexia?

    For students, by students, the below video features art and words from two students with dyslexia. Learn the different impacts that dyslexia has on their learning and how to share your own needs to those who support you! 

  • See Dyslexia Differently!

    This video animation about dyslexia can support you in shedding some light on the real challenges you may face while also acknowledging your strengths and potential.

  • Self-Advocacy

    Self-advocacy means being able to know your own strengths and weaknesses, to share your skills, use your environment to your benefit, and ask for the EXACT help you need whenever you need it. Below are some sentence starters you can use to get you started with advocating for your needs in school!