Health & Adapted/Physical Education Adoptions

  • Health and Physical education plays a vital role in improving students' health and social outcomes and promoting academic success. Ensuring that young people have access to the most up-to-date, medically accurate, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed curriculum is imperative to the development of students' health literacy and physical literacy skills. 

    Working with a diverse group of educators, administrators, and other school staff, the Health and Adapted/Physical Education adoptions hope to test, adopt, and implement the best fitting curriculum for the varied needs of our district. 

Health Education Adoptions

  • K-12 Health Education Position Paper

  • Best Practices in K-12 Health Education

  • 22-23 SY Adoptions

  • Projected Timeline for Health Education Adoptions

  • Currently Adopted Curricula

  • Recommended Materials

Physical Education Adoptions

  • K-12 Adapted/Physical Education Position Paper

  • Best Practices in K-12 Physical Education

  • Physical Education Adoptions & Recommended Materials

Dr. Jenny Withycombe
pronouns: she/her
Assistant Director for Health & Adapted/Physical Education PK-12