• Bargaining Process and Proposals

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  • Portland Public Schools and PAT are bargaining a new three-year contract.

    Two mediation sessions have happened – August 31 and September 7 – and one more session is scheduled on September 15. PAT could declare an impasse in September. Seven days after that, both parties would provide their best and final offers to each other. A thirty-day cooling off period would follow. During that time or after, PAT could declare a strike with ten days notice – but they could not strike until the thirty-day cooling off period was complete. This means that the first possible learning disruption could occur on Monday, October 23, although it could happen later than that.

    Our district bargaining team has regularly posted updates the Collective Bargaining webpage, including links to all proposals we've exchanged and our bargaining summaries.

    PAT's bargaining summaries can be read on their webpage.

    You can watch recordings of the previous bargaining sessions on PAT's YouTube channel

  • We are currently at impasse.

    Timeline for bargaining, showing that we are currently in the cooling off period


  • Portland Public Schools & PAT Bargaining Positions

PPS and PAT Bargaining Issues

  • Teacher Compensation Offer

    Here is what our teachers are paid now - and what they would be paid under our offer.

    • Portland Public Schools is offering a cumulative 10.3% cost-of-living increase over the next three years: 4% in the first year, then 3% in the second year, and then 3% in the third year. These are in addition to regular increases rewarding teacher longevity.

    • The district has also offered to raise the salary for starting educators by 3.4%.

    • Teachers get affordable family health insurance coverage and, under the district's current offer, would work 193 days over 10 months.