• Lightbulb diagram depicting the three phases of the Innocation Equity Design Process (Solition Creating, Exploratory Design Research, and Create an Inclusive Team)

    Innovation Practice and Projects

    We brought together co-designers from across our system and our community to identify the most pressing needs for the Innovation Studio to respond to. We developed a framework for innovation – a process that makes success more likely and creativity more possible. We built an approach that we hope can be regularly applied to many PPS challenges. And we made sure that the Innovation Studio’s design addresses the fears that have long held back innovation.

    We aim to build on the success we are seeing throughout our system and in schools elsewhere. We want to scale up promising practices and ideas – understand why they work, explore how to replicate them, define the steps we need to take in the near-term, and what we need to do to sustain them over the long-term. 

    Most of all, we want to make Innovation open to all because we believe that all people are designers.

    Our innovation practice is the embodiment of processes, tools, and mindsets that advance a culture of innovation in service of the Portland Public Schools vision and strategic plan.

  • Innovation in Portland Public Schools (n)

    Creativity that disrupts the status quo and empowers those who are most impacted to create powerful change

  • Innovation Studio Services


    Have a question about the process? Ask away!

    Facilitator Training Cohorts

    Learn to apply the innovation practice to unique contexts!

    Innovation Studio Sponsored Projects

    With the support of the Innovation Studio team, launch an innovation project and receive support through innovation funds, technical assistance, and other resources.

  • “I hope that the Innovation Studio can encourage other students in other schools to try for the opportunities that my school provides.”
    - Jo, PPS student