• Early Warning Systems

    Keeping Students On Track to Graduation 

    The high school dropout crisis has significant economic and social consequences: lost income for individuals, difficult labor markets for communities, a lack of civic participation, lost revenue for the U.S. economy and a threat to global market competitiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a system to respond early and engage students in school before they drop out.

    One of the objectives of the Early Warning System is to provide accessible, relevant and timely communication to school staff, students and families. This creates awareness of students who are becoming disengaged in school and allows all of the relevant participants, including the student, to respond early with the appropriate actions.

    Keeping students on track to graduation and beyond is a shared goal and priority among school staff, families, support service providers and community partners. The involvement and collaboration of all of these stakeholders will enable us to better support students, culturally and academically, to succeed in school.

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