Be a part of the excitement! Writing Contests! Fashion Show! T-shirt Design! 

    Winners will be announced at the IYLC on February 28.

    IYLC Essay Contest

    This year’s essay prompt is based on the My Plan Essay, a graduation requirement for all PPS students. You may have started working on this essay (or completed it) in other classes. You are welcome to use all or part of your previous My Plan Essay as your submission.  

    You can answer one OR all three of the following  prompts for your IYLC Essay

    1. Name your future career
    2. How do you support your family or community?
    3. Describe a challenge that you handled successfully.

    Again, you can write about one of the prompts or you can  combine all three into one essay. Links to Instructions and brianstorming information can be found in the IYLC Essay Contest SlideshowYou can also use our  IYLC Essay Contest- Graphic Organizer. 

    Contest Rules

    • Your submission must be your own original work.
    • You may respond in English or your native language.
    • Your submission must be typed.
    • There will be winners for both beginning students and intermediate/advanced students

    Prizes: 1st place winners - Chromebook Laptop   |  2nd & 3rd place winners -  Gift Basket Assortment

    Submissions must be done online via our IYLC Contests Form.


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Amanuel Ketema, IYLC Project Assistant aketema@pps.net 

    IYLC Essays 2015-16
    Read Student Submissions 
    From 2015-16 IYLC


    IYLC Multicutural Fashion Show

    We look forward to providing our students a chance to showcase their culture and traditions at the Conference.

    Students who want to be part of our Multicultural Fashion Show must:

    • submit a picture of the clothing that you will wear
    • provide a description of where or when you normally wear the clothing
    • attend 1 optional and 1 required rehearsal for all fashion show participants. 


    To particpate, please contact Sagen Maharjan, IYLC Project Assistant, smaharjan@pps.net

  • Original T-shirt
    Design Contest

    Original design by Medjison Thelus

    2019-20 Design Winner
    Medjison Thelis - Grant HS

    Submit a drawing or design that represents the conference themes of multilingual appreciation, pride in your culture and highlight the spirit of the IYLC!  The winning design will be printed on next year’s IYLC T-shirt!

    Prizes: Design winner - Gift Basket Assortment and honor of being printed on next year’s shirt

    Contest Rules:              

    • Your submission must be your original work.
    • No copyrighted images
    • You can print out this template, use your own materials or
      use a copy of this template to make your design
    • Your design should be between 8.5”x11”–11”x17” in size
    • Pencil, Ink, Paint, or Digital media are acceptable
    • Take a picture or scan your design, upload it to your student.pps.net Google Drive
    • Submissions are to be done online via our IYLC Contests Form.

    Judging criteria:  

    • Original and unique image
    • Clear depiction of the word “UNITY”
    • Image celebrates multiple cultures
    • Image can be reduced or enlarged without a loss of clarity

    NOTE: Final t-shirt design will not be printed in full color; White and 1 additional color only

    Questions?  Contact: Francisco Garcia - fgarcia@pps.net

    Qualified entrants will be awarded for their participation at the IYLC on February 28, 2020!