• World Languages Function Frameworks


    What should students be able to do in the world language at the end of an 8th grade program to successfully articulate to 2nd year (or beyond) at high school?

    What functions of language should they have full control of at the end of each level of high school instruction?
    Beginning with the graduating class of 2011, students in Portland Public Schools will need two credits in the same world language to graduate. This necessitates consistency in goals and expectations within schools and across the district.

    The Function Frameworks provide:

    • A clear set of common proficiency goals to be attained by the end of given levels of instruction
    • Consistent expectations for both horizontal and vertical articulation
    • Teachers with outcomes upon which to design their units of instruction & lessons
    • The basis for developing performance based assessments
    • The basis for developing LinguaFolios (Student Portfolio Assessments)
    • A discussion document that can be used with students, parents, and others
    Click here to download versions of the Function Frameworks and LinguaFolios by PPS Benchmark Levels.

    Function Framework

    LinguaFolio Aligned to Benchmarks

    1District Policy 6.10.100-P states that "Any PPS student who is not enrolled as a high school student who completes a high school level course with a grade of "C" or better or "pass" shall be granted high school credit for that course.