PPS Health and Physical Education Programs

  • Celebrating Lifelong Wellness

    Health and Physical Education are both strongly linked to the increased academic success of youth. A young person's ability to learn is also linked to their ability to feel safe in the classroom, relate to lessons, and have fun.

    PPS Health and PE programs use evidence-informed best practices to foster safe, supportive and fun learning environments that engage diverse students in their development of skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to thrive academically, and to celebrate lifelong wellness.

  • Our Vision & Mission

  • Health Education K-12 Health Curricula
    Learning Standards
    Laws and Policies
    Parent/Guardian Handouts
  • Physical Education K-12 Physcical Education Curricula
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Our Team

Dr. Jenny Withycombe
Program Administrator, Health & Physical Education PK-12
Cheyenne Freeman
K-12 Health and PE TOSA
Susannah Lightbourne-Maynard
H.E.A.L.T.H. for K-5 TOSA
Vanessa Peña-La Torre
H.E.A.L.T.H. for K-5 Program Manager, Elementary Health
Lexie Zimbelman
SAY Wellness Program Manager, High School Sexual Health
Alana Burny
Adapted Physical Education TOSA
Lonzo Urbina
Adapted Physical Education TOSA