• Reminders and Updates from the PPS Transportation Department

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    Dear PPS Families, 

    As we prepare to have our middle and high school students back in buildings, the PPS Transportation Department would like to share some reminders and updates to help get your student to school safely and on time if they are riding a bus to participate in hybrid in-person learning. Bus route and bus stop information for students in grades 6-12 will be available on the PPS Transportation website on or before April 14.

    To limit the potential for COVID exposure and minimize the number of students on PPS buses, we ask parents/guardians, when possible, to transport or have their student(s) walk to and from school. To further reduce congestion at schools, we are asking parents of older students to drop off their student a couple blocks away and let the student walk safely to school from there. 

    Additionally, please review this Daily Self Screening Checklist for symptoms, reporting and stay home requirements before allowing your student on the bus.

    Traveling To and From School on Buses for Hybrid In-Person Instruction:

    • When traveling on a bus, students will be required to wear a mask unless a student’s disability does not enable them to do so. 
    • Food and beverage consumption are not allowed while on the bus.
    • Select windows in the front and rear will be open to promote optimal airflow and ventilation. Buses are also equipped with HEPA air filtration systems to remove particles in the air.
    • Students will load the bus by filling rear rows first. They will unload from the front rows to the rear to maintain physical distancing. 
    • Students will be asked to sit one student per seat. To maximize space, siblings may be asked to sit together.
    • Buses will be cleaned after each route and again at the end of the school day. 
    • If your student is in high school and rides Trimet, their Hop Pass is currently active and will remain so until the end of the school year.

    PPS has taken safety precautions for our students in the form of the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s): Bus/School Entry Screening, Clean and Disinfect Vehicles, Bus Loading/Unloading

    For more information, please visit the PPS Transportation website. You can also contact us directly via email at transportation@pps.net or by phone at 503-916-6901. We have also created a short video that will showcase your student’s daily expected experience that you can view here

    Thank you.