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English as a
Second Language

English as a
Second Language

    We invest in inclusive quality instruction that honors students’ racial, cultural and linguistic assets.

    We prepare educators at PPS with the perspectives and resources needed to ensure that every EB is ready to succeed in our schools and thrive in our community.

    ?? - Español, 503-956-4140 | Việt ngữ, 503-320-5354 | 廣東話/팹繫話,503-956-7329 - ??
    971-201-0419 العربية ‬| Oromoo fi Amhaaraa, 971-271-2128
    Русский, 503-956-2588 | Somali, 503-956-8323 | Maay-Maay 503-916-3377

  • IYLC @ PSU Feb 23

    6th Annual International Youth Leadership Conference on February 23, 2018 at Portland State University.  

    We are grateful to the educators and staff at PSU for their 3rd year of support in celebrating the linguistic and cultural assets that our Emergent Bilingual Students bring to Portland Public Schools. We also appreciate the support of PPS staff and teachers who have helped to register their students, as well as dozens of presenters and exhibitors from our community who have signed up to share their valuable knowledge and experience with the hundreds of EBs who will join us at PSU.

    If you are not familiar with the IYLC, it is a truly unique event that celebrates the vibrant cultures and exceptional talents our Emergent Bilingual (ESL) students at Portland Public Schools. 

    We encourage you to visit our website (iylc.pps.net) to view exciting videos from past conferences and details about our upcoming event.

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Oregon ELL Report

  • The Oregon English Language Learner Report is an annual publication required by law (ORS 327.016), which reports on financial information for English language learner programs, the objectives and needs of students eligible for and enrolled in an English language learner program, as well as provides information on the demographics of students in English language learner programs in each school district. In addition, this report provides a tool that makes data on English language learners accessible to researchers, media, students, and parents.

    El Informe sobre los estudiantes del idioma inglés de Oregon es una publicación anual obligatoria por ley (ORS 327.016), que brinda información financiera de los programas para estudiantes del idioma inglés (English language learner, ELL), los objetivos y las necesidades de los estudiantes elegibles para un programa para estudiantes del idioma inglés y que están inscrito en uno y brinda los datos demográficos de estudiantes en programas de este tipo en cada distrito escolar.

ESL Contacts

Veronica Magallanes
ESL Director
(503) 916-6525
Eric Tong
Director’s Secretary
(503) 916-2000 Ext. 74945
Lisa Blount
Assistant Director
(503) 916-3602
Klarissa Hightower
Assistant Director
(503) 916-3216
Kathrine Hu
Special Programs Administrator
(503) 916-3147