Family & Community Engagement


    Under the Office of Civil Rights, schools must provide meaningful access to district and school-related information. Schools should contact Language Access Services to ensure the language needs of their parents are met.


    Schools can hold Title III Family Night in their building or work with other schools in their cluster to hold  a single information session as a group.  However, each of the schools will present individual school data and programs of service. Small EL population schools serving less than 10 students can elect to invite parents to individual meetings.  Possible meeting formats may include: 

    • Parent Circle, Coffee or Tea session

    • During a regularly scheduled PTA meeting

    • As part of your building’s Back to School Night

    • 2 or more schools combine and have a meeting together in the morning or evening meeting time

    • As a separate event or combined with TAG, Special Education or Title I 

    The Helpful Tips - Title III ELD Informational Sessions, includes links to sample invitation fliers and parent slideshow available in the major languages spoken by PPS families and students. 

    Family Night Presentation- English

    Family Night Presentation- Spanish

    Family Night Presentation- Vietnamese

    Family Night Presentation- Russian

    Family Night Presentation- Somali

    Family Night Presentation- Simplified Chinese

    Family Night Presentation- Traditional Chinese


    Please notify Funded Programs of your plans and submit information via this FORM.


    An engagement event refers to an opportunity that has been planned and implemented based on the school’s needs assessment to meet a targeted outcome. Engagement events should be aligned to the purpose of Title III, Part A funds under ESSA:

    To improve English language skills, improve academic achievement, and help parents become active participants in the education of their children. 

    When planning an engagement event, these questions should be considered to ensure that the Title III, Part A purposes are met:

    • Will the engagement event improve English language skills for English learners?

    • Will the engagement event improve the academic achievement of English learners?

    • Will the engagement event help parents of English learners become active participants in the education of their children?

    Ideas for Family Engagement Opportunities at Your School:

    • Tell Your Language Story 

    • Resource Showcase

    • Everyday Strategies to Use at Home

    • Book Clubs

    • Family Literacy 

    • Family Cultural Fair

    • Community Resource Fair

    • Community Event 

    • Mobile Public Library

    Additional Resources: