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  • Publication Services provides printing, copying and bindery services. Publication Services currently provides free and chargeable work for schools and departments. Publication Services charges are calculated to cover the true cost to complete jobs.

    We are located on L2 in the PEC Building. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4.30PM. Please feel free to stop by and say "Hello."

    Black and white copying up to 2000 sheets are completed and returned in 48 hours"

    Printing: Electronically submitted files can be printed in a high quality format. We offer black and color printing up to 11 x 17 paper size.
    Folding: We offer anything from letter to a tabloid z-fold.
    Laminating: This is a great way to preserve your documents. The laminator is capable of laminating 2" to 25" wide paper.
    Drilling: Drill from a single hole to three holes anywhere on your document.
    Cutting: Cut from 2" x 3" to 25" x 50".
    Bindery: Bind your document with a variety of options.
    Wide Format: We can print your posters from a size 24' x 24' up to 42' x 60' at a cost of 50% less than commercial vendors.   

    We also provide a Web Submission feature to use the web to submit a job ticket, attach electronic files, get cost estimates and check the status and history of your web job requests. Please visit




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