Copier Refresh Project 2024

Sharp Copier
  • Project Summary

    OTIS is entering into a new 2024-2029 copier/printer fleet refresh effort that will impact all schools and PEC staff. We will be working with all school buildings and PEC departments to ensure that all users have access to fast, reliable copy/print devices, in addition to the current services offered by the PPS Print Shop.

Project Information & Updates

  •  PPS Copier/Printer Project Goals are

    • Reduce annual printing costs by a goal of 10% or roughly $60,000 in annual savings
    • Develop grade-band standards for the equitable allocation of copiers/printers to schools
    • Identify under-utilized devices and work with schools/departments to remove/centralize printers
    • Provide higher speed devices as a new standard
    • Ensure school offices and libraries have color device access
    • Leverage Papercut privacy and print release features to centralize printer locations 

  • Schedule for the work

    All schools with the exception of High schools will be scheduled to receive new fleet devices between 4/15/2024 and 5/31/2024. Communications to schools on the process will begin in April.

    High schools and Administrative offices, including PEC, will be scheduled to receive devices in summer 2024.


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