• Dear ESL Teachers:

    This optional plan was created to support your students wishing to enter the IYLC writing contest. Students may submit a personal essay or poem responding to the following prompt:

    Who Am I?

    • Sometimes the person I am on the inside is different than the person I am on the outside.
    • I am not always who others want me to be.

    The lesson touches on three moments of learning as outlined in the QTEL model: Preparing the learner, Interacting with text, and Extending understanding. Please feel free to use or modify the following resources to introduce the the prompt theme, explore the theme with your students, and/or inspire an initial writing task. Thank you for your participation in the writing contest this year. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

    IYLC Writing Contest Team:

    Kerri West and Nicole Safranek

    Lesson Title: Who Am I?

    Essential Questions:

    What factors make up my identity?

    How does my internal identity compare with my external identity? (Is what you see what you get?)

    Objective: Identify the seed idea for a personal narrative, or poem about identity.  

    Consider the QTEL Protocols when deciding how you want  students to share and discuss ideas.

    Preparing the Learner for the Lesson



    Introduce the Prompt

    • Introduce the prompt using the slideshow linked to the right. Invite students to comment and question the images. Feel free to use the optional script in the slide notes or create your own.
    • Anticipatory Guide


    Who Am I? Slideshow

    Anticipatory Guide

    Interacting with Texts



    What’s in a Name?

    2 Videos and Reflection

    • Warmup - Reflect and write about your name
    • Video viewing - Consider two different situations where a child’s name is changed. How does this impact or reflect each person’s identity?
    • Discuss using an activity from the QTEL protocols.

    Lesson Slides

    Facundo the Great Video

    Video transcript

    My name is Hiwot Video

    Poem transcript

    Extending Understanding



    How People See Me: Identity Foldable

    • Introduce the activity with the teacher identity slideshow. Please modify it to fit you!
    • Students use words, images, and symbols to represent their identity from 3 perspectives.
    • Share out using an activity from the QTEL protocols.

    Public School Teacher: How people see me

    Identity foldable G.O.

    Additional Resources:

    Student Rubric

    Teacher/Rater Rubric

    Poetry Support/Ideas

    Identity Web G.O.

    Identity Web Samples

    Narrative G.O.

    "Who Am I?" Slideshow (below)