Degrees and Certifications:

Cassie Lanzas

Cassie Lanzas enjoys reading, gardening, and doing research. She also loves to use her time to spend with friends and family. She chose invisibility as her superpower of choice among others. She has been a librarian for Ida B Wells for four years. Prior to that she was a classroom teacher for six years. When she was a classroom teacher, she observed that her students received their information on politics and news strictly from online media. Lanzas feels when that is the case, the students' online information they’re obtaining will be curated, so it will become generated to what appeals to them. This can be really problematic when they're getting any type of news; local, recent, breaking news. From that point, Lanzas got interested in learning and teaching about how people access information and do research. “Find your own passion in what you read,” she suggests.  In high school, Lanzas notioned for herself, she would either be a teacher, or a prison librarian, so it had never actually occurred to her to be a school librarian, until ten years into her teaching career. She went to undergraduate school at Portland State University, and she got her master's at Lewis and Clark. She specializes in recreational reading, and research. Lanzas does a lot of worm-composting, and plant propagation. She's currently working on making her backyard a registered native habitat. She has two dogs, a cat, and shares four fish tanks with her partner. Her favorite season is fall.  Her favorite Netflix documentary is “The Taco Chronicles.”

Written by Ava Gardner, Intro to Journalism, Fall 2021