Public records requests

  • As a public agency, Portland Public Schools is committed to its obligation to make records available to the public, as required by state law (Chapter 192 of the Oregon Revised Statutes). To facilitate the process, PPS employs a Public Records Officer.

    PPS tries to provide the public with records at no cost when possible. However, the district, as allowed by state law, reserves the right to charge for requests that are time-consuming or require large-scale printing.

    How to request public records

    Submit your request to the Public Records Officer, with your name, contact information, and a description of the records you are seeking. You may submit your request by email (, by postal mail (c/o CIPA, 501 North Dixon Street, Portland, OR 97227), by telephone (503-916-3385), or in person at the above address. We have prepared a public records request form that you may use, but it is not required.

    Please be as specific as possible about the records you are seeking. If you are unsure what records exist, feel free to call or email to discuss your request. We will do our best to help get you the information you are seeking.

    Please specify if you would like to receive electronic or physical copies. There may be charges for physical copies, depending on the format or volume of your request.

    What happens next

    The Public Records Officer will acknowledge your request, usually in writing, within five working day of receiving it. The Public Records Officer will then determine what records exist that are responsive, and determine whether it is necessary to charge to collect them and review for confidential information. You will be provided an estimate of time needed to respond and a written cost estimate (if warranted) as soon as possible, and no later than fifteen working days after receiving your request. A new state law (Senate Bill 481) that went into effect in 2018 sets those deadlines.

    Most requests can be completed in a matter of days, but more complex requests can take several weeks or in some cases even longer. If it will take longer than fifteen working days to complete your request and provide records, you will be notified and you will receive regular updates.

    If fees are charged to complete your request, you may request a waiver or reduction of fees. The public records officer will determine whether to grant your request in accordance with the factors laid out in the Attorney General’s Public Records Manual, and a decision will be made within five working days. The public records officer is always willing to work with you to narrow the scope of a request in order to facilitate processing and reduce or eliminate fees.


Ryan Vandehey
Public Records Officer
(503) 916-3385