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  • PPS has deployed over a thousand copiers and printers to district sites as part of our contract with Pacific Office Automation. This page will guide you through a series of resources available that will make your printing experience at PPS work smoothly. Below you'll find information on the different types of copiers and printers, PaperCut and links to training materials. 


    The district contract with Pacific Office Automation (POA) will offer SHARP copiers and HP Printers. The Sharp copiers provide many functionalities such as:

    • Print/Copy at 60 pages per minute on Sharp Copiers
    • Scan to email in full color even on B&W copiers
    • Allows OTIS service desk to remote into the copier screen to help resolve issues
    • Ability to print from PC, MAC, Chromebook and a USB drive
    • All services, toner and staples are included at no extra cost

    How To Connect Your Computer to a Printer

    Please see the page, Connect to your copier or printer 

    Virtual Back To School Training Slide Show
    Printing Using PaperCut

    Training Materials for Copiers

    POA and Sharp provide training materials for all Sharp & HP devices being deployed at PPS. You can review the training materials HERE and choose to watch a video, read in your browser or have the training material emailed to you.

    What is my click cost?
    (Subject to change)

    Unit Cost     Units

    $  0.0073    Sharp B&W 6070
    $  0.0068    Sharp B&W 901W - High Schools only
    $  0.0350    Sharp COLOR 4070
    $  0.0083    Sharp B&W on COLOR
    $  0.0350    Sharp COLOR 301W
    $  0.0088    Sharp B&W on COLOR
    $  0.0138    HP B&W 506DN Printer
    $  0.0500    HP Color 553DN Printer
    $  0.0138    HP B&W on Color 553DN Printer

     How Do I Recycle Toner & Waste Toner Cartridges?

    Follow link and fill out form.

    click here 

    Page Last Updated: 4/21/21

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