Kilpatrick-White, David



Degrees and Certifications:

David Kilpatrick-White

David Kilpatrick-White, also known as K- Dub is a Modern World History teacher here at Ida B. Wells. His favorite part about teaching is its variety of topics and that it gives a lot of choice to students on what they're interested in. He has been teaching for 11-12 years and 6 of them have been at IBW. Before K-Dub started teaching he shortly worked with the Democratic Party in Washington. He attended college as an Undergrad at Seattle University along with grad school at the University of Washington. Outside of teaching he loves to coach football, he says “my favorite thing about coaching is working with kids and finding new relationships, while having a real impact on students”. He enjoys taking his dogs to the park and finding new restaurants with his wife.The important people in my life are his parents, wife, his dogs and the kids that he works with. Something he really wants to accomplish is traveling around Europe and visiting every country at least once.

Written by Ivy Lurie, Intro to Communications, Fall 2023