The One: A daily snapshot of our district

  • The One

    The One is a snapshot of what’s happening on a daily basis at Portland Public Schools, shared via email with all PPS staff every school day. To submit a photo for consideration, please email

    Here are some helpful hints that will increase the chances we will use your photo:

    • Include the school name, and names and grades of the students and teachers featured in your photo
    • Make sure the students featured in your photo are clear for media (information the school office staff can look up in Synergy)
    • Provide a brief description of the photo, including any educational value of the activity or event happening in the image
    • If using a cell phone, take your photo in landscape mode
    • Email your photo in the largest format possible - the higher the KB or GB, the better
    • If possible, multiple photos of the same activity or event, providing a variety of options for Communications staff to choose from
    • Consider being artsy and thinking outside the box when taking your photo
    • Focus on smaller, common happenings in your school - we’d like to see students and staff in action, not just posing for a picture
    • Although we enjoy seeing images about awards, honors and recognitions, the day-to-day happenings are worth recognizing and appreciating

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