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    In 2011, PPS adopted a Racial Educational Equity Policy that called out pernicious disparities in our schools and identified the district’s role in eliminating them. Since then, PPS embarked on a five-year plan that resulted in several achievements. Coinciding with the policy’s adoption, PPS began intentionally partnering with culturally specific and multiracial organizations in order to meet the goals laid out in the policy.  Specifically, 

    RESJ Strategy Goal F states:

    1. The District shall welcome and empower students and families, including underrepresented families of color (including those whose first language may not be English) as essential partners in their student’s education, school planning and District decision-making...In addition, the District will include other partners who have demonstrated culturally-specific expertise -- including government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and the community in general -- in meeting our educational outcomes.

    Research also supports the rationale of this goal and the strategies underlying the relationships that were developed over years with our partner contractors. 

    The Racial Equity Student Support Services Strategy outlines the values, strategies and operational guidelines to inform funding allocation.


    PPS Racial Equity Student Support Services Strategy

RESJ Partnership Strategies

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Community Partners

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    Culturally Specific Family Engagement:

    Latino Network








    Kairos Horizons Black Parent Initiative



    Wraparound Services for Student Success:


    Latino Network



    Open School





    Mentoring & Leadership:


    I AM Academy

     Latino Network






     michael Grice


    REAP              SPDC        AYCO                              




    Enrichment, Extended Day:

    Urban League


RESJ Strategies & Partnerships

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