• Racial Educational Equity Policy 

    On June 13, 2011 the Portland School Board unanimously approved the Portland Public Schools Racial Educational Equity Policy (2.10.010-P). The policy calls out race-based disparities in schools, identifies the district's role in erasing them and holds up high expectations to ensure that all students reach their academic potential.

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    Racial Equity and Social Justice Work Plan Development

    To be successful, we need everyone’s best ideas and participation. Our process aims to be inclusive because we believe everyone has something to contribute.

    To do this we plan to utilize the talent, expertise and experience of our leaders to provide initial direction and review. We then plan to reach across all PPS departments, school sites and community to form temporary teams to develop a comprehensive and inclusive review-and-planning process to develop an Equity and Social Justice framework and subsequent strategies, goals and work plan.

    The Racial Equity and Social Justice Advisor’s role is to coordinate, facilitate and surface innovation, strategies and plans and to vet these with a comprehensive and strategic set of stakeholders for feedback and revision.

    If you would like to participate or speak to someone please contact Dani Ledezma.

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Dani Ledezma
Senior Advisor, Racial Equity & Social Justice