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    If your child will be 5 by September 1, this page is for you.

    Between April 6 and the end of the school year,  all schools will host two or three virtual Connect to Kindergarten events. These events are a great opportunity for your family to learn more about your school and meet teachers, staff, and other families.


    Because every event is a little different, please check your school’s Kindergarten website to learn more. Go to pps.net, schools, school name, Kindergarten.

    To join any school's virtual Connect to Kindergarten event, find your school on the list by clicking the image to the right, then click the event link on your device (phone, ipad, chrome book, computer) at the date/time listed. Many schools will record their virtual events for future viewing and post on their website. If you have questions, please contact the school.

Special Education: IFSP to IEP Virtual Parent Meetings

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