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  • PPS presents plan to reexamine names of district buildings and spaces

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    At the July 14 Board of Education meeting, Portland Public Schools released a plan that lays out a procedure for renaming its buildings and other spaces. The move to reexamine district names comes in response to the continuing unrest across the country, including in Portland, in reaction to the systematic racism brought into public focus this summer.  All proposed name changes with the exception of Madison and Wilson will be on hold until after the process surfaces new change to the administrative directive.

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Schools Undergoing Name Change

  • Two high schools in Portland Public Schools are going through the process to change their names in response to student and community concerns about the racist beliefs and actions of the U.S. presidents they are named for.

Committee Meetings

  • Anyone wishing to offer public comment or testimony at a committee meeting should email Amy Liu at aliu@pps.net

Process and Timeline

  • The Naming and Defining Committee, co-facilitated with PPS students, will design a set of recommendations to improve our administrative directive and procedures for naming buildings. The committee will support engagement systems for the school-based committees for each school participating in the process in five phases:

    • Phase I: Scan - Refine the charge, review current administrative directives and procedures, conduct empathy interviews (October 2020)
    • Phase II: Case Study - Review and study Wilson HS renaming process and define issue areas and potential solutions (October - December 2020; Board Approval Tentative - December 2020)
    • Phase III: Ideate - Brainstorm new or revised solutions in alignment with RESJ and Culturally Responsive/Sustaining pedagogy (December 2020 to January 2021)
    • Phase IV: Propose - Draft administrative directive and practice changes, propose to Superintendent. (January to February 2021)
    • Phase V: Reflect - Develop six-month and subsequent annual review process for proposal (April 2021)