Early Kindergarten Transition (EKT)

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    Summer 2024 EKT

    APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN   •  Program Dates July 15 - August 1   

  • Program Information

    Early Kindergarten Transition (EKT) is a three-week summer program to help you and your child have a great start to school.

    • Students attend July 15-26 (Monday thru Friday) from 8 am to 1 pm and July 29-August 1 (Monday thru Thursday) from 8 am to 1 pm.
    • Families/caregivers are provided with educational training twice a week during EKT.
    • Child care for siblings is available during family/caregiver sessions.
    • Students receive free breakfast and lunch, books, and school supplies.
    • Sponsored by Portland Public Schools in partnership with Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN).

Summer 2024 EKT Applications

  • 2024 EKT School Sites

    Apply for EKT after you register your child for Kindergarten this fall at one of the following schools. Please note that some schools will be hosting their EKT program at another school site due to scheduled building maintenance. 

    • Arleta

    • Boise Eliot/Humboldt

    • Cesar Chavez (at Peninsula)

    • Clark (at Vestal)

    • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (at Sabin)

    • Faubion

    • James John

    • Jason Lee (at Vestal)

    • Kelly (at Whitman)

    • Lent (at Arleta)

    • Marysville (at Arleta)

    • Peninsula

    • Rigler 

    • Rosa Parks (at Peninsula)

    • Scott (Hours are 8:15-12:45, with no bus option) 

    • Sitton (at James John)

    • Vestal

    • Whitman

    • Woodlawn (Hours are 8:15-12:45, with no bus option) 

    • Woodmere (at Whitman)