• PPS State Plans

    Revised May 31, 2019 - The English Language Learner Local Plan 2017-19 provides guidance and direction to all Portland Public Schools (PPS) educators, our families and students regarding the options available for providing quality programs and services for our Emergent Bilinguals (EBs). It also articulates the expectations that the district holds for each school and classroom in the District. It offers a practical guide for all staff to ensure that consistent, coherent program and services are provided to every Emergent Bilingual. All PPS educators are expected to implement this plan, and we will hold each other accountable for doing so while continuously improving our services and outcomes.

    We are grateful for all who have offered their time to shape this plan.

    Dr. Luis Valentino, Chief Academic Officer
    Oscar Gilson Moreno, Sr. Dir., Roosevelt Cluster
    Michael Bacon, Dir., Dual Language
    Dr. Vân Truong, Exec. Dir., Teaching & Learning
    Veronica Magallanes, ESL Director
    Lisa Blount, ESL Assistant Director
    Klarissa Hightower, ESL Assistant Director
    Katherine Hu, ESL Spec. Prog. Admin.
    Tim Blackburn, Education Northwest
    Francisco Garcia, ESL Program Manager
    Zsuzsa Nemeth, ESL TOSA
    Elie Baumgartner, Special Education TOSA
    Cynthia Velasquez, Special Education TOSA
    Lily Watkins, ESL Assessment Specialist
    Susanne Fernow, ESL Data Specialist
    Ruben Estrada Herrera, Special Proj. Asst.


    June, 2015 - The English Language Learner Local Plan 2015-17 (archive)

    May, 2013 - Portland Public Schools ELL Local Plan 2013-15 (archive)