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    Placing An Order
    Each order will need to be accompanied by our Print Order Form (available free from the Warehouse, number 67-4477) for hard copy originals. Send a hard copy of the document and mark any changes. If you do not have the hard copy of our Print Order Form, then print and fill out the Publication Order form
    Content can be sent to us in a number of ways -
    Web submission, e-mail, on a CD, USB drive, hard copy, etc. For larger more complex documents like booklets or newsletters it is preferred that the text be sent electronically in PDF file format to the department e-mail address: pubtech@pps.net.

    Web submission
    Web submission instructions
    Please view this PDF on how to use our web submission  Web Submission instructions PDF

    Cost varies. Please contact us at 503-916-3221 for an estimate. Many of our services are provided at very low cost compared to commercial vendors or your school copier.

    How to contact us


    501 N Dixon , PEC, L2
    Phone 503-916-3221
    Fax 503-916-3285
    E-mail pubtech@pps.net