Degrees and Certifications:

Holli Prohaska

Holli Prohaska is a P.E. and Weightlifting teacher at Ida B. Wells. She has taught at Wells for three years, and she has been teaching for 23 years. She grew up in SE Portland, moved to Colorado when she was in sixth grade, and then a few years later she moved back. Before she started teaching, she worked at the YMCA, and led a teens and transition program for two years. She worked with teens that went to alternative schools, and they went to the YMCA to get their P.E. credits. She also worked with homeless youth. Kids would go to the YMCA to play and do different activities. They would go swimming and there were clothes that they could borrow. If she was not teaching, she would want to work in a dog shelter or a humane society. Prohaska loves to be outdoors, hiking with her dogs, biking, kayaking and a lot of other outdoor activities. When she was in school she played basketball, volleyball and ran track. She started playing basketball because her friends played it, and started playing volleyball because she saw interest in it. She made JV her freshman year, during her sophomore year she was on JV and Varsity, and for her junior and senior year, she was on Varsity. She has always loved track, and she started going to state during her freshman year in high school.

Written by Lily Petrie, Intro to Journalism, Fall 2023