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    We have compiled toolkits, guides, and short videos covering a range of LGBTQ+ specific topics. This page will change often as new resources materialize and/or the needs of our community change. Be sure to check back often. Or, if you'd like more direct assistance, please reach out to the Program Manager for LGBTQ2SIA+ Supports.


Britt Bieberich (They/Them)
LGBTQ2SIA+ Program Manager
503-916-3954 x63954
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    Click on the picture to watch the videos below. Be sure to check back often as our selection will change!


    Line drawing of a woman pointing to a white board asking, How do we learn who we are? From those around us, ourselves or both                     A woman with long hair looking at the man in glasses and short hair on her right, standing in front of a constellation wall

    Two people looking up at the words gay, bisexual, lesbian, and straight floating in bubbles between them above their heads                        The words "we asked the parents of children who recently transitioned what advice they had" over a photo of a group of people