• Portland Public Schools' Instructional Priorities and Roadmap to Educational Equity


    Educational Equity: PPS is committed to providing all students with high-quality teaching and learning in every classroom, every day - instruction that helps them achieve our Graduate Portrait and closes persistent gaps in outcomes based on race.

    In partnership with teachers, school leaders, and staff from across the district, we’re taking several important steps to make this vision a reality for all students: calibrating around a new instructional framework that articulates a shared vision of highly effective teaching and learning, adopting new curricula to support that instruction, and offering improved professional learning experiences for teachers aligned to both.

    Instructional Framework: An Instructional Framework for educational equity across four focus areas that include indicators that students should experience in all of their classes — a shared vision of what teaching and learning looks like in PPS. Here is the link to the PPS Instructional Framework and you can learn more on our instructional framework website.

    Curriculum Adoption: High-Quality Educational Materials in Every School. PPS is on track to implement updated, culturally - relevant curricular materials for English Language Arts and Math at all levels by the start of the 2022-23 school year, and in all core subjects over the next three years. You can learn more about our instructional resources adoption on this website.

    Teacher Professional Learning: Better Support for Educators. The Instructional Framework and Curriculum Adoptions will be the bedrocks of a year-long arc of learning for educators that includes summer sessions, pre-service training, ongoing classroom coaching, and cross-district learning cadres.


    Please see this link for a visual overview of our PPS Instructional Priorities and this video for more information about our instructional priorities. Learn more about PPS' vision and the Office of Teaching & Learning.