• PK-5 Core Academics

    The PK-5 Core Academics Department includes Early Learners (PK & K) and K-5 English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

  • Vision/Mission: We believe that early childhood and elementary learning experiences are foundational for all other learning experiences and outcomes in our PK-12 school system. In elementary school, all students belong and deserve access to high-quality, culturally-empowering, and joyful grade-level learning opportunities. Elementary learning experiences across all content areas support the development of foundational skills, critical thinking and speaking skills, and problem-solving or practical applications. Elementary learning occurs in community--thus, social-emotional learning and academic learning are integrated throughout the day across all content areas. 

    Program: Every day, every elementary students engages in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and problem-solving across the following content areas: Language Arts (reading/writing/speaking/listening) and mathematics. Science, Social Studies, Health, art, physical education, and library are taught on a rotation basis. Every day, explicit time is also dedicated to community-building/social-emotional learning.



Emily Glasgow
Senior Director PK-5 Core Academics
Director Early Learners
Patrice Woods
Director of K-5 Mathematics and Science
Melissa Schachner
Director K-5 Language Arts & Social Studies