• Summer PPS

    ELD Newcomer Summer Program

    at Summer Acceleration Academy 2024

    (Updated March 2024)


    What is the ELD Newcomer Summer Program?

    • A summer program for students who receive English Language Development services who are new to the country.
    • Curriculum:
      • Rising 2nd-5th graders will utilize the Benchmark, Hello! Curriculum to support Beginning Oral English Development.These materials are intended for very recent arrivers with limited oral English.
      • Rising 6th-8th graders will utilize Vista Higher Learning, Get Ready! These materials are intended for both newcomers and students at the Emergent Level
      • All students in the Summer Newcomer Program will participate in STEM and Visual and Performing Arts activities with their grade level peers.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all participating students.
    • Transportation will be provided in the morning and after lunch.
    • Transportation routes will be communicated in June.

    Who attends the ELD Newcomer Summer Program?

    • Invitations are sent to families of students in rising grades 1-5 with less than 6 months in US schools, and students in rising grades 6-8 who have been in US schools for less than 1 year.
    • Current Kindergarten newcomer students will be invited to participate in SAA as a part of the regular rising 1st grade classrooms, which reflects best practices for newcomer students in early grades.

    When is the ELD Newcomer Summer Program?

    • The program will run Monday through Friday from July 1 - August 1, 2024 from 7:45am - 1:00pm.
    • Families will have the opportunity to opt into afternoon programming.

    Where will the program be offered?

    How do I enroll?

    • Invitations will be sent directly to the families of eligible students via email, phone, and text message (if families have opted in to receive text messages)