• Let's Talk

    Let’s Talk is an interactive technology platform that helps the community share their questions and concerns, suggestions and compliments with school and district leaders.  In keeping with the “Forward Together” theme of our Strategic Plan, communication with families and community members is the cornerstone. We recommend that each school designate a team to handle communications coming from the platform.  

    Let’s Talk! allows us to:

    • Streamline communication by connecting community members directly with PPS schools, departments and individuals;

    • Build and maintain trust in our school communities, especially with our Black, Native and extended communities of color; 

    • Identify risks and concerns before they become significant issues;

    • Leverage data to make smarter, better-informed decisions; and 

    • Build a stronger district climate and culture.

  • Site Councils

    Site Councils are an inclusive decision-making body that represents the school community (families, students, community members, teachers, administrators, and other school personnel) and operates under the policy direction and with the approval of the Board of Education. Their primary responsibility is to identify common goals and assist the school leadership team in establishing and monitoring a plan to achieve the goals. 

    • Principal and Teachers contribute background knowledge in instructional practices; 

    • Parents and Community Members provide insight on how effective the school is meeting their children’s needs and meeting their expectations of service; 

    • Students offer an insider perspective on the range and effectiveness of learning opportunities, school culture and dynamics, and their educational experience; and

    • School Personnel such as counselors, instructional aides and clerical staff can share insights on how the school can function to support student learning.