• Local LGBTQ Advocacy and Training Organizations

    Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC)  
    SMYRC is a drug and alcohol free space for LGBTQ youth, age 23 and younger in Portland. Youth gather to participate in positive activities such as art, music, community organizing, youth development, education, peer support, support groups, case management, counseling, and job readiness preparation. Their website provides information on recreation activities and other advocacy programs. SMYRC’s Bridge 13 / Community Education Project brings LGBTQ youth to a variety of peer and adult groups in the community to educate them about the issues LGBTQ youth face. 

    Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition  
    The OSSCC seeks to create safe schools and communities where every family can belong, every educator can teach, and every child can learn regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. The coalition is supported by numerous individuals and organizations, OSSCC provides publications, speakers and workshops. 

    TransActive provides necessary support to improve the quality of life of transgender and gender non-conforming children, youth and their families through education, services, advocacy and research. 

    PFLAG Portland ChapterPFLAG is people, LGBTQ and straight, parents, friends, and allies, working together to make a better future for LGBTQ youth and adults.

    PFLAG Portland Black ChapterThis group supports Black/African-American LGBTQ persons, their family and friends through love and understanding, education and advocacy.

    Q Center 
    The Q Center located in North Portland provides a safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQ diversity, visibility, and community building. Their website also hosts a wealth of resources for the LGBTQ community including LGBTQ-friendly doctors, mental health providers, etc.

    Basic Rights Oregon 
    Basic Rights Oregon is dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in our state. In the spirit of fundamental fairness and equality, Basic Rights Oregon will build and mobilize a broad coalition of citizens to ensure democratic freedoms for all Oregonians. Their website also includes videos and resources from the “Our Families” project, a community-based education project that raises the visibility, experiences and public support of LGBTQ families of color within predominately straight communities of color.

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